"The Dom Perignon of our World Music Bands" - Sydney Morning Herald

Over three decades, Mara! have developed a unique musical style which fuses folk roots with modern jazz expressionism, adding influences from rock to early music, while journeying through Anglo-Celtic, middle Eastern, Balkan and Mediterranean traditions. Nowadays Mara! perform many original works which are a musical mirror where these flavours find their dazzling reflection.

Fronted by the remarkable and magnetic voice of Mara Kiek, Mara! have brought their virtuosic concert performances to audiences in 21 countries. Mara! have also undertaken a wide range of performance projects including their 1997 album of original music ‘Sezoni’ (Real World Records) where they recorded with the 25 voice Bulgarian/Australian Choir “Martenitsa” producing a lush musical feast. In 2000 they performed a 10-night season of the aerial spectacular “Homeland” with death-defying acrobats “Legs on the Wall” for the Sydney Olympics – and again at the Berlin LiteraturWERKstat Festival in 2003. In 2001 Mara! collaborated with the Queensland Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir in Brisbane to perform Mara Kiek’s magnificent “Neizvestnoto” . In 2004 Mara! and Martenitsa previewed and broadcast their new suite of original music in Italian “Tra Parole E Silenzio” at Fox Studios in Sydney, in 2012 they released it on CD and in 2013 TPES was presented on WOMADelaide's stage 1 …

Mara!’s musicians are among the most highly regarded world and jazz players in Australia. Together in Mara! they create one of Australia’s most exciting, innovative and uplifting ensembles.

Mara! are regular performers at world music festivals around the globe. For WOMAD, for example, Mara! has performed at WOMADELAIDE (Aus) 92,97 and 2013, WOMAD Reading (UK) 97, 2000 and 2005, WOMAD Morecombe (UK) 94, WOMAD Auckland 99, WOMAD Singapore 99 and WOMAD Expo (Hannover) 2000.

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