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"Highlights included Mara! and The Martenitsa Choir: over the past 30 years, Mara! has created a uniquely Australian fusion of roots and modern jazz, influenced by early music & rock, with a big nod in the direction of Anglo-Celtic, Middle Eastern, Balkan and Mediterranean traditions... fond memories of their magical performance... - Tony Hillier (The Australian's music reviewer) reviewing WOMADelaide 2013
"The Dom Perignon of Australia's World Music Bands" - Sydney Morning Herald 2005

"It was a treat and a privilege to hear this band in such intimate equally profound and giddy cycle of catharsis and celebration". Sydney Morning Herald (Aust) 2003

“The mixing of folk and jazz might on paper look rather unusual, but these Australians in the execution of it, turn it into something as a matter of course. I don't know of any other example where both genres go together so well. All elements faultlessly fall into their place, (and) coupled with the virtuoso musical spectacle that they offer, their fusion is a wonderful experience.” De Standaard (Belgium) 1999

"The music was intense, and the swinging musos impressed with their ability to play several instruments. Charismatic Mara Kiek in particular caught the gaze and attention of the audience, playing percussion and singing in several languages and many styles... the melodies and rhythms proved to be infectious" Vientiane Tmes (Laos) 2001

"The band's European profile continues to build inexorably towards the acknowledgement that is their due. Eventually we will catch up with the foreigners, and Mara! will be widely hailed as a national treasure." Sydney Morning Herald (Aust) 2001

“Brilliant sound in any language…Mara! was unforgettable” Sydney Morning Herald 1997

“… an extraordinary, fascinating performance.” Weser Kurier (Germany) 1997

“...steeped in strong Eastern marinades with a pungent accompanying aroma – the musical equivalent of a balsam vinaigrette…(Mara!’s music) springs to life with genuine vim.” The Australian 1997

"...a coup de charme which goes right to the heart." Le Telegramme  (France) 1994

“Electrifying” Canberra Times (Aust) 1992
"...(in MARA!'s music)...there is a brilliant simplicity that reminds us at times (if one needed to make comparisons with the area of pop music) of the communicative urgence of Violent Femmes or certain strongly lyrical pages of the Cocteau Twins..." Tim Tam (Italy) 1991                                           

“…many tongues, one heart… you’ll be cheating yourself if you miss them…” London Observer (UK) 1991

 "...joyful seductive world music..." Sydney Morning Herald 1991

"...excellent Australian group matches instrumental improvisations with Mara Kiek's amazing voice..." City Limits (UK) 1990

“Beautiful, better than new... the music is more than the sum of its components... oblique, unexpected, witty... each musician interested in what the other players produced that night – that of course inspired one.” TAZ Bremen (Germany) 1990 

"...sensational...the connection that spans the traditional melodies and modern jazz expressionism creates a unique mixture which stands pure and has been elevated to an art form..." Pforzheimer Zeitung. Stuttgart (Germany) 1987

"...MARA! predate the current vogue for jazz and roots music. What they offered was a glorious melange of traditional and contemporary..." Glasgow Herald (Scotland) 1986

"...their virtuosity and unexpected instrumental manoeuvres are breathtaking..." Folk Roots (England) 1985

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