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"The Mara! band’s eccentric blending of eastern Mediterranean folk with jazz has become even more seamless. A brilliant successor to the band’s previous excellent output." Sorella Sydney Morning Herald (Aust) January 2006

"Sorella is fresh, arresting, joyous, accessible. The music is totally emotional; an exceptionally crafted album with a unique blend of passion and graceful lyricism" Sorella Limelight (Aust) 2006

Live In Europe

"Fiery, passionate and gutsy music..." Live in Europe Music Forum (Aust) 2001

"The sound is transparent and sparkling, and it is one of those rare live recordings which actually bottles the energy and excitement generated in concert and with the band at its best... Mara sings like her life depends on it" Live in Europe Sydney Morning Herald (Aust) 2001

"Live in Europe is the band's finest release to date" Live in Europe Art Force (Aust) 2001


"A fine and seamless dialogue between cultural time frames...a richly variable sound. A deeply structured set which allows for free playing...(with) stark, pastel sequences and exuberant rhythms." Sezoni Rolling Stone 1997

"very stark, beautifully haunting richly textured, nicely wild" Sezoni 24hrs (Aust) 1997

"(The collaboration) results in a great deal of atmospheric control and a high density of tuneful capsules, the massed voices repeatedly throwing themselves off the cliff-face of suspense. Mmm, lovely." Sezoni Q magazine (UK) 1999

"quite remarkable one of the most poignant recordings you are ever likely to hear... simultaneously reaching back into the past and progressing into the future…a rich and thrilling tapestry…without a hint of overkill, the sum of the parts is sublimely transcendental, crucial.” Sezoni Drum Media (Aust) 1997

“(Martenitsa) achieves a curious and irresistible blend of dark harmony…like a storm wind at night, and a girlish candy tone across arched tongues…set against (Mara!’s) giddy ensembles …with searing, flying solos…a glorious conjunction.” Sezoni Sydney Morning Herald(Aust) 1997

Ruino Vino

"the ideal hybrid of traditional music from East and West… a most creative “Neo Acoustic Music..amazing and thrilling, containing a power beyond rock music… aggressive but human”. Ruino Vino Marquee Magazine (Japan) 1997

“…vividly colouristic and highly rhythmic…gripping…sometimes there is a lovely, slow lushness to the music and at other times a powerful dervishing…” Ruino Vino Sydney Morning Herald 1996

“Folk roots infused with the vibrancy of the Australian environment…a series of inspired songs and agile instrumentals.” Ruino Vino Ansett Panorama Inflight magazine (Aust) 1996

“…the usual excellent set from one of Australia’s top bands.”  Ruino Vino Dirty Linen (USA) 1996

"fabulous recording" Ruino Vino John Clare SMH

"The Mara! Group's virtuoso performances make this "red wine" considerably intoxicating and highly recommended" Ruino Vino "Rhythms" 1996

“…the elements have been shaped into a totally coherent musical form that is much more than the sum of the parts. A music that communicates directly with audiences from Sydney to Stuttgart.” Ruino Vino The West A ustralian 1996

Don't Even Think

"...the band plays up a storm..." Don’t Even Think Australian Hi-Fi and Music Review 1990

“ excellent record…guts, heart and brains in abundance.” Don’t Even Think Folk Roots (England) 1990

On The Edge and Images

“They just keep doing the unexpected, and it sounds great” On The Edge Dirty Linen (USA) 1988

“Far ahead of the pack…one of ‘85’s landmarks” Images Folk Roots (England) 1985

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