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Mara! and Martenitsa Choir - New album teaser @ Camelot Sunday November25th 2018

Mara! and Martenitsa will join forces for a sneak preview of some of the beautiful original music penned especially for them, to be released on CD in early 2019 (working title Za vas, ot nas). Following on from their first two ground-breaking collaborative works (Sezoni and Tra Parole e Silenzio), Australia's premier World/Jazz/Roots ensemble Mara!, featuring jazz legends Sandy Evans and Paul Cutlan on woodwinds and Lloyd Swanton on double bass, world music icons Mara Kiek (voice & percussion) and Llew Kiek (plucked strings), have again torn up the fusion music blueprint in a new collaboration with the magnificent Martenitsa Choir, featuring Bulgarian soloist Silvia Entcheva.



Martenitsa at Blackheath Choir Festival August 25th 2018

Martenitsa Choir fans will be delighted to learn that the choir will be performing at the Blackheath Choir Festival, on Saturday 25th August at 8pm. They will be performing a short but very sweet set (so don't be late!) in a packed program featuring a host of wonderful choirs from Sydney and surrounds. Make a weekend of it and binge on a feast of magnificent vocal music from an amazing variety of choirs and a cappella ensembles.




Martenitsa with Mara & Llew Kiek in 'The Love of a Mystic' for Sydney Sacred Music Festival September 8th 2018

Sydney Sacred Music Festival 2018 presents 'The Love of a Mystic', a mystical journey through the Sacred Rituals from the Balkans, featuring Yorgo Kaporis & Dusha Balkana, Mara & Llew Kiek with special guest musicians, plus the Martenitsa Choir & Bulgarian soloist, Maria Koleva.



The Marais Project: 'Spinning Forth" produced by Llew Kiek, CD of the week ABC Classic FM

A new CD by the Marais Project "Spinning Forth" was CD of the week on ABC Classic FM in January. The album takes its name from a new work by Paul Cutlan, longtime Mara! band member, and the CD was produced by Llew. Two of the most-played tracks have been arrangements by Llew and Mara "The Cheshire Rounds" and "Streets of Forbes". One of many glowing reviews can be found here. Watch an interview with the composers and Jenny Eriksson, director of the Marais Project, below under "this month's featured video".

Mara! and Martenitsa recording new album

Recording at Megaphon Studios and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Mara! and Martenitsa have nearly completed the bed tracks for their next CD. The works include pieces by composers Llew and Mara Kiek, Paul Cutlan, Laura Bishop and Sandy Evans with librettists Silvia Entcheva, Marcia Maria-Anthony and Stephan Kozuharov.


World Music Ensemble at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Llew Kiek is running this course again in term 3 2018. Enquiries are now open for the term starting July 2018. for more info on the course


Crossroads: work begins on new album

Mara and Llew worked with Padrig Sicard and Yann Cariou in Quimper and Concarneau in January 2017 on a new project for their group Crossroads. for more news






Mara! Electronic Press Kit here


Mara! International touring 2015

Mara! performed 2 major international tours: to Italy with our sister group Martenitsa Choir and the UK in July/August, and to Hong Kong in May International tours 2015



Tra Parole E Silenzio Mara! and Martenitsa's latest CD

Tra Parole e Silenzio is a celebration of life's most precious and enduring treasures - love, home, family and friends, so exquisitely expressed in the poignantly tender poems of Eduardo Di Giovanni and stunningly interpreted by Mara! Band composers and performers Paul Cutlan, Andrew Robson, Steve Elphick, Llew Kiek, Mara Kiek and Sandy Evans, in collaboration with Silvia Entcheva, Naomi Vaughan and the magnificent Martenitsa choir. More about Tra Parole e Silenzio. CD available from our online store.


from Froots (UK) Dec 2012

"The Sydney Morning Herald once referred to Mara! as "the Dom Perignon of (Australia's) World Music Bands", it was perhaps a touch premature, but this collaboration between the group and their Bulgarian-style choir certainly meets that appellation...an unqualified success with its feeling of fresh adventure, sumptuous singing and depth of musical experience."

Read Tra Parole CD review in "The Australian" of April 14, 2012

Listen to some of the music from Tra Parole E Silenzio:

Track 1: "Prima Della Sera"

Watch video featuring "Partii Ch'era Il Giorno di Natale" studio recording (from Tra Parole E Silenzio CD), featuring archival stills and live footage from Woodford Festival amphitheatre stage on Dec 31 2011.


This month's featured videos:

The Marais Project CD "Spinning Forth"

Llew and Mara interviewed about their composition "Streets of Forbes" which features on this new release: CD of the week on ABC Classic FM January 2018

M'en Allant Sur la Lande

CrossRoads, from "De Partir...C'est Mon Plaisir" featuring Llew and Mara Kiek, Padrig Sicard, Yann Cariou, Steve Elphick and Bagad Cap Caval drummers





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