Padrig Sicard and Yann Cariou
Padrig and Yann are core members of Crossroads with Mara and Llew, but have several CDs recorded with their Breton music groups.

Padrig is a renowned Breton musician, collector, folklore archivist and teacher, playing violin and bombarde. He has recorded several CDs available through the Mara Music shop, and has published 2 volumes of collections of Breton folk tunes and a beautiful overview of Folk Music in Brittany today (all available from the shop). Padrig and Llew won the duet performaers category at Lorient Interceltique Festival 2002.

Yann is the director of Bagad Concarneau and a highly regarded performer and teacher. He plays bagpipes and flutes, has won the solo competition at Lorient Interceltique for bagpipes, and has performed with one of Britanny's best known folk groups "Kurun". Some of Yann's CDs are also available form the Mara Music shop.

CDs from Padrig Sicard and Yann Cariou

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