Mara! Big Band

Photography by Grant Leslie
For over 3 decades the Mara! Quintet has been developing anew genre of contemporary Australian music, exploring the intersection

Now they’ve expanded to form the Mara! Big Band, a 12-piece ensemble that sits between an Eastern European Gypsy brass band and a jazz Big Band, with the addition of brass, piano accordion, percussion & vocals.

The Mara! Big Band features their regular quintet line-up along with some of the greatest names in Australian jazz and world music.

Featuring …

 Mara Kiek - voice and percussion

Llew Kiek - bouzouki, ba─člama, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitars

Sandy Evans - soprano and tenor saxophones

Paul Cutlan - clarinets and saxophones

Lloyd Swanton- double bass


Andrew Robson- alto and baritone saxophones

Sam Golding -  flute, trumpet, tuba

James Greening -  pocket trumpet, trombone, tuba

Gary Daley - piano accordion

Jess Ciampa - drums and percussion

Jenny Dornan- voice (soprano)

Jarnie Birmingham - voice (alto)

Sydney Morning Herald Review of premiere performance -Zashto? Riverside Theatre 2 March 2022 here



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