Llew Kiek - Record Production_Editing_Mastering

With many strings to his bow, Llew Kiek is also a record producer with numerous CDs in his portfolio for a wide range of ensembles spanning classical, world music, funk, experimental jazz, new-age and folk music genres. Artists include Mara!, Marais Project, the Rennaissance Players, Martenitsa Choir, Southern Gospel Choir, Funk Engine, Elysian Fields, Cafe of the Gate of Salvation Choir,Meryl Tankard Australian Dance Theatre, Parsons Affayre, Coda, Sylvia Encheva Trio, Chaika, Lazybones,the Voices from the Vacant Lot, the Voice Squad andTenzing Tsewang, Donna Sife, Akhter Jahan, Fiona Joy Hawkins.

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