John Clare on "Sezoni"

From the Sydney Morning Herald 1997

The West's most magnificent music is undoubtedly that which involves voices and a brilliant instrumental ensemble. We're not making comparisons here with the Missa Solemnis , Mathew Passion or Symphony of Psalms, but this outstanding CD combines these resources in an inspiring way, on a folk music level spiked with contemporary jazz awareness.

The female choir achieves a curious and irresistible blend of dark harmony sung at almost a shout, like a storm wind at night, and a girlish candy tone across arched tongues. A bit of this sound has begun to permeate pop vocals. Some of the melodies are wonderfully pretty. When Mara sings against the drum, her wild, fast vibrato makes it sound as if she is beating her own chest. Linking all this and sometimes set against it are giddy ensembles with various reed combinations (an unusual and exciting  one is the clarinet in unison with the soprano saxophone) and searing, flying solos from Evans and Gorman, bassist Steve Elphick and bouzouki virtuoso Llew Kiek. A glorious conjunction.

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