CrossRoads: new project begins
Mara and Llew worked with Padrig Sicard and Yann Cariou in Quimper and Concarneau in January 2017 on a new project for their group CrossRoads. The band will continue the recording late in 2020, and expect the project to be completed in 2021.

The music continues on the path trodden by their first album, some 15 years ago, with some great Breton and Scottish dance tunes, some odd-time eastern European dances, and some traditional and original songs. 
Yann and Padrig play the "unsociable" great highland bagpipes and bombarde, plus the "more sociable" lowland pipes, fiddle and flutes. Llew contributes guitar/bouzouki/baglama, and Mara sings and plays percussion including tapan.
It was really cold outside, as you can tell from the photo, but we didn't notice it until we emerged from the studio each evening! We spent 2 weeks of very intensive project development and recording, and it was a great buzz to be in the company of these 2 fine performers.
We plan to take the new project on the road in 2021 & 22 in Europe and Australia, where CrossRoads has a touring history dating back to 1999. 

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