CrossRoads: new project continues
Mara and Llew travelled to Brittany in January 2024 to continue the work they commenced in 2017 with Padrig Sicard and Yann Cariou in Quimper and Concarneau on a new recording project for their group CrossRoads.
They had planned to complete the recording in Brittany in late 2020, but were stymied by the pandemic and the trip was postponed. In the intervening years, projects based in Australia took precedence, not least being the development and launching of the Mara! Big Band, and the CrossRoads album was placed on the backburner.
However, in January this year, they were able to complete backing tracks for most of the album. The development process continues across the divide with additional tracks being recorded in Brittany and Australia in the coming months, along with editing and some initial mixing.
A further trip to Brittany is planned for late 2024 to complete the album. 
The music continues on the path trodden by their first album 'De Partir ... C'est Mon Plaisir!' featuring great Breton and Scottish dance tunes, odd-time eastern European dances and some traditional and original songs. 
Yann and Padrig play the "unsociable" great highland bagpipes and bombarde, plus the "more sociable" lowland pipes, fiddle and flutes. Llew contributes guitar/bouzouki/baglama, and Mara sings and plays percussion including tapan.


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