Mara Kiek tours with Perth's Eastwinds in Melbourne for Musica Viva in Schools May 2019
Later this month, Mara will be performing with Perth based 'Eastwinds' ensemble for their upcoming Musica Viva In Schools tour of schools in Melbourne's metropolitan region. She is replacing 'Eastwinds' singer Kristiina Maalpas, who is currently in Estonia.
'Eastwinds' also features Yoshitaka Saegusa on didgeridoo, Esfandiar Shahmir on daf and ney, and Mark Cain on reed instruments.

The show focuses on improvisation in traditional music from Estonia and Iran, along with original music composed and improvised by the ensemble with participation from the audience members.
Always up for a challenge, Mara makes her debut performance on jaw harp for this tour. 

Tour dates: 23 - 31 May

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