Mara! at Foundry 616, Feb 16 2019

Love’s Caprice

With a Valentines Day theme, Mara! returned to the Foundry on February 16 with 2 sets of love songs drawn from the Mara! songbook. There were performances of several pieces not aired for some years, with the sets drawing on Persian, Hungarian, English, Portuguese, Sephardic, Italian, Bulgarian, Turkish and French songs. 
ARIA award winning world/jazz ensemble Mara! have been carving a new direction in contemporary music in Australia since the 1980s,and for over 30 years they have been touring their “fresh, arresting, joyous, accessible” sound across the Globe, challenging stereotypes and giving audiences abroad a new perspective on Australian music.

What the critics have said all along - a small sample!

"....different sound-worlds kept opening up like fresh vistas on a maritime journey…ultimately it is the collective imaginative responses to its influences that makes Mara! such a bright jewel in Australia's world-music crown."  Sydney 2016
"…magical performance..." WOMADelaide 2013
"The music was intense … charismatic Mara Kiek … caught the attention of the audience, playing percussion and singing in several languages... infectious"  Laos 2001 
"...sensational...the connection that spans the traditional melodies and modern jazz expressionism creates a unique mixture which stands pure and has been elevated to an art form..."  Stuttgart 1987

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